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This term-time business is a lot of hassle and involves far more effort than I have the effort-muscles to put in.

Right now I am organising summer concerts, a zoo trip, finishing end of year reports, involved in various art week shenanigans and getting a pack of children prepared for sports day, I'm getting observed tomorrow, and that's relatively little in comparison to all those people putting in real effort-muscles. I'm mostly just swimming from day to day. Using doggy paddle. I'll get to where I need to be eventually, anyway.

(And that is? Summer holidays with brain still basically intact. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...)


Prompt 8: Story-telling and the Power of ThreeDEADLINE EXTENDED TO JULY 9TH
(come on guys, you and I both need to get this done.)
And you thought #HammeredPoetry was dead...

Story Telling and the Power of Three
I know I've said it before, but I think there should be more poems that tell stories out there. I'm thinking lots of decent concrete imagery, a plot to invest in, a couple of characters, and some kind of resolution. The key to telling a story in poem form is sparsity. If you thought you had to pick your words carefully in prose, you have to be minutely precise on a poem. Each one counts. And you still need to think about the sonic elements: metre, alliteration, assonance....
I want poems worthy of Medieval bards and Anglo-Saxon scops. I want adventure and heroism,  maybe a run-in with the gods, or a doomed romance, or a trip to the underworld. Something epic, in the classical sense of the word.
I also want to see the Power of Three.
Three, as they quite rightly say, is th

This is still going on due to my failure to get it done myself. Excellent work on the part of PaperDart who is the only person to actually submit a response so far (including me)...

ShamayimThe ancient land of Shamayim
was wrought by El the ever-fair,
together with his favoured son,
Yeshua Gentle-Hands and their
beloved wisest counsellor:
a man called Ruach Breath-of-El.
And ne'er were three such faithful friends
and ne'er did three agree so well --
that aided one must aid them all.
Thus prospered wondrous Shamayim.
The people built a throne for El
of golden bough and silver limb
with crystal lilies trailing down,
all glowing in his brilliance.
They sang and danced and played for him
and reveled in his radiance.
Yeshua sat at his right hand
and 'twixt them oft was Ruach found.
Yet many times he wandered out
towards Shamayim's farthest bound,
to see the people of the land;
to hear their pleasures, aid their goals.
He ever brought his news to El
and to Yeshua in their roles
as judges and authorities.
Thus was Shamayim kindly ruled
by three as one, who wrought all good --
and yet one man's affection cooled.
A singer in the courts of El,
called Lucifer, for bright he shone,

In other not-terribly-exciting news

  • I redesigned my blog-website. But there is no new content (in fact there is less, because I moved to blogger, but haven't taken all the content across yet). BUT it does have a pretty header?
  • I'm back on tumblr. Find me and I will find you in return.
  • It's nearly the end of term. It really is. Did I mention that already?


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Crumpets' main interests include noodles, zoos, and resource-management board games. You can buy her children's poetry book, DOG AT THE END OF THE WORLD from Amazon, or you can read the best poems for free on deviantART.

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